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Fall-Run Feeders is located 5 miles north of Scottsbluff, Nebraska in the panhandle of Nebraska.  We feed cattle from all over the United States, but many of our customers are from  Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California.

Fall-Run Feeders provides a variety of services for our customers.  The services range from weaning and backgrounding calves, weaning and finishing calves, weaning and wintering calves to go back to grass, finishing yearlings, replacement heifer program and dry lotting cows/pairs in times of drought and the feeding of cows to white fat.  All of this is done to meet the demands of the you the customer.  

Fall Run Feeders Checking Pens

Feature 1

Fall-Run Feeders rides pens once a day and up to 3 times a day on high stress cattle. Bunks are read A.M. prior to making feed calls and P.M. prior to leaving for the day.  This insuraes we are meeting all the intake requirements in a timely matter.  Pen size varies from 50 to 500 head with the large pens mostly used for cattle that will go back to grass. This allows for enough spaces to get lots of exercise.


Feature 2

Fall-Run Feeders uses the Walco computerized bunk reader system along with the animal health and account receivable systems.  All hospital treatments are traced by each individual lot and the ID# of the animal.  The billing is done at month end and due the 10th of the following month.  Feed is billed at cost plus shrink and yardage is billed at .28/hd/day


Feature 3

Fall-Run Feeders raises all of its own silage and utilizes sugar beet pulp along with high quality alfalfa hay and corn - all grown in the local area.  A liquid protein supplement is provided by Mid-West PMS.  Midwest PMS also does all to the nutritional work and feed sampling on a regular basis to insure proper nutritional intake.  Our close location to the sugar factory makes beet pulp a very attractive feed source.  Other feed sources include baled corn stalks, haylage, wheat straw and distillers grain.  These are not regularly used but give some options that may not be available in some areas.

Fall-Run Feeders is Clean

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Fall-Run Feeders prides itself with keeping the yard neatly maintained.  All feed alleys are paved with crushed concrete and pens are well maintained and mounded.  The yard has very good slope and with the dry climate pens are dry year round.  Modern Equipment keeps the operation running without issue.  Fall-Run Feeders can feed up to 6,000 head of cattle. 

Fall-Run Feeders Cattle Feeding

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Fall-Run Feeders has the following packer buyers on a weekly basis. Exel, Tyson, Swift and National.  Smithfield foods are also available on request for any cattle that the majors do not kill such as cows and Bulls.