Fall-Run Feeders

  • Walco Feedyard Management Systems

  • Feedlot Health Management Services

  • Consolidated Beef Producers 

  • Favorable Feed and feeding climate  

  • Close proximity to all major packers  

  • Financing available

Fall Run Feeders Nutrition - Cattle Feedlot


Fall-Run Feeders believes in regular seed sampling to insure the highest quality seed stuffs are being used for proper nutritional intake.  Nutritionist visit the yard weekly.

Fall Run Feeders Cattle Feedlot And  Feed Yard

Facilities and Equipment

Fall-Run Feeders prides itself on a well maintained feedlot and new modern equipment.  All seed alleys are paved with crushed concrete and pens are mounded to ensure the driest conditions year round.  The feed yard also is located on good slope allowing water to runoff of all pens.