Fall-Run Feeders is a custom cattle feed yard that sits among some of the best ag-land in the US. Located in Western Nebraska gives many advantages to the cattle feeding industry. Some of those advantages include an abundance of feed, arid climate, and close location to all major packers.  We are committed to partnering with your operation to ensure your goals are met at our feedlot.  We use technology, proven processes, and Feedlot Health Management Services to achieve your desired goals. 


Fall-Run Feeders was started in 1999 and had a one time capacity of 1000 head. Since then we have grown to  to a 1 time capacity of 6000 head,  Fall-Run Feeders is located 5 miles North of Scottsbluff, Nebraska in the North Platte River Valley.  This location offers several options for feedstuffs.  They include sugar beet pulp, wet distillers grain, alfalfa hay, corn silage and corn. All feeds are grown locally and give us very competitive cost of gain numbers. 



Within some of the most fertile Ag-land equals abundant quality feed


Feedlot Health Services

Feedlot Health MANAGEMENT Services